Owensboro Drama, Moving Statues, a story about Dentistry, and more!

December 13, 2018

This week, Jazmin and Robert talk about five stories of interest:

  • Major developments in the 13th District recount
  • The Prentice statue in front of the Louisville Main Library has moved
  • A dentistry professor will receive $620,000 from UK after settling a lawsuit involving the Medicaid Waiver
  • Rep. Attica Scott files bills fighting the "pink tax"
  • The federal Farm Bill is likely to legalize industrial hemp on a national level.

Thanks for listening!


Beth Thorpe, Amy McGrath for Governor?, Kentucky Graduation Requirements, and more!

December 6, 2018

This week we welcomed Beth Thorpe, a Democratic digital strategist, to the podcast.  She told us what exactly she does and how she works with campaigns.  When it comes to campaigns, digital strategy is increasing in importance -- the conversation touched on topics that are interesting to anyone who cares about campaigns.

Before speaking with Beth, we also tackled several news topics: Jazmin took a look at a story from the Courier-Journal that addressed Amy McGrath's eligibility for the Governorship and Robert caught us up about the Kentucky Board of Education's proposal for new graduation requirements.  Plus, there were QUICK HITS!


Shameka Parrish-Wright of The Bail Project, McConnell & First Steps Act, Bevin v. Beshear, & Medicaid Waiver Update

November 29, 2018

We were elated this week to speak with Shameka Parrish-Wright of The Bail Project.  The Bail Project uses a revolving fund to bail people out of jail.  She spoke with us about what her work entails, why she does it, and some powerful stories of lives that have been changed by the group.  it's a very powerful interview, and we are glad to share it.

Before that, Jazmin brings us stories about Sen. McConnell holding up a vote on a criminal justice reform bill and about a win Governor Bevin had in court in his attempt to investigate the Beshear administration.  Robert talks about the Trump administration's reapproval of Kentucky's Medicaid waiver.  Plus this week sees the return of QUICK HITS.


Gov. Bevin and Zombies, Wayne Lewis & Emails, Major SCOKY Rulings, & Updates

November 21, 2018

Robert is all by himself this week and updates us quickly about some major topics during this holiday week.  He talks through Gov. Bevin's tussle with a comic book artist, Wayne Lewis' state of upset regarding some emails he's received from teachers, two major Supreme Court rulings, and updates to a few stories we've been tracking.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Rocky Runs For Gov, Prefiled Bills & Items to watch in the next session, and other updates!

November 15, 2018

No guest this week, but there was tons of news!  House Democratic Leader Rocky Adkins is officially running for Governor -- we talked about him and his candidacy.  We also updated several items to watch for in the next legislative session: a prefiled bill about concealed carry, the beginnings of a plan to change how constitutional challenges are heard, and a potential charter bill funding bill.  Also, we talked about a lawsuit featuring Jeff Hoover, a lawsuit featuring the D&E abortion bill passed in the last session, and challenges to leadership in the GOP Senate caucus.


Bruce Maples, Election Results, and News

November 8, 2018

This week, we welcome Forward Kentucky publisher Bruce Maples to the show!  We are going to be partnering with Forward Kentucky more closely in the coming weeks and to kick off our partnership, we welcomed Bruce to talk about his site and how it serves Kentucky.

Before that, we talked through a bit of news -- about a hate crimes bill being prefiled and an update about a Jim Justice owned mine in Eastern Kentucky -- and then we cover election results.  The results weren't quite what Democrats hoped for, and we talked through exactly what happened.


Christian Motley & Election Preview

November 1, 2018

This week we welcomed Christian Motley, write-in candidate in the 8th District LFUCG Council race to the show.  He talked to us about the legal issues his candidacy has faced and why he is persevering through them as a write-in candidate.  We also talked about his passion for cradle-to-career support for young people.  It was a great interview!

Christian also joined Jazmin and Robert during the election preview!  The group previewed races on the local level -- Louisville and Lexington's mayoral races and council races, plus the Rowan County Clerk's office.  Then, we previewed several state legislative races where Democrats have an opportunity to make grounds.  It's pretty long, but it's packed with info.  Enjoy!


Paul Walker, The Neverending Saga of Metro 21, and a Pension Summary

October 25, 2018

This week, we welcomed Dr. Paul Walker, candidate for the 1st US Congressional District in Kentucky.  He's making a bid to unseat Rep. Jamie Comer.  He told us why he's running in a District that seems so staunchly Republican, and which issues he sees as most key to Western Kentucky.

Before that, Jazmin told us about the 21st Metro Council Seat in Louisville, which is again undergoing scandal which has reached the level of state government.  Then, Robert tells us the full story of the pension saga over the past two years.  While we've addressed all the individual pieces over time, sometimes it's good to take a look at the big picture.  Enjoy!


Terri Branham Clark, Marsy’s Law Summary Judgement, Bevin’s Tweets, & More!

October 18, 2018

This week, we welcomed Terri Branham Clark, Democratic candidate for the 100th House district, to the podcast.  We talked about why she's running, the importance of teachers to Ashland, how she thinks about Braidy Industries while she runs for office in Boyd County, and plenty more!

Before the interview, we spoke about a victory for Criminal Defense Lawyers on Marsy's Law, two of Gov. Bevin's tweets which could appear before the ethics commission, Josie's Raymond's request for guidance to KREF, Christian Motley's appeal, and the dueling rallies of VP Joe Biden and President Donald Trump.


Charlotte Goddard, WV Gov. Jim Justice’s KY Tax Bill, and Andy Beshear’s Fundraising

October 11, 2018

This week, Jazmin and Robert called Charlotte Goddard, who is running in the second district in the Jackson Purchase, in far Western Kentucky.  They talked through her decision to run for office, how to win in Western Kentucky, and how important education is to Democrats this year.

Before that, Jazmin told us about West Virginia Governor Jim Justice's Kentucky tax bill -- it's substantial and will be hard to collect.  Robert went through Andy Beshear and Jacqueline Coleman's quarter 2 financial report, and talked about other potential gubernatorial candidate's reaction.