Jeff Grammer, Dead Pension Bills, Medical Marijuana, Bevin’s Adventure in West Louisville & More!

March 15, 2018

This week, Jazmin and Robert interview Jeff Grammer, a candidate for the Kentucky House of Representatives for the 36th District (covering much of Middletown in Jefferson County) about why he's running, and how to win as a Democrat in the suburbs.

Then, Robert and Jazmin talk about the fading prospects of Senate Bill 1 (pension reform) and House Bill 166 (Medical Marijuana).  Finally, Jazmin updates us about Matt Bevin's trip to West Louisville were he spoke with Trump advisors and activists, Rebecca Johnson dropping out of her House race, and the fate of Rand Paul's attacker.


Rob Weiderstein, Budget, Pension, Adoption, and Child Marriage

March 8, 2018

This week, Jazmin and Robert speak with Rob Weiderstein, a former judge in Henderson County running for the 11th district's house seat.  Rob spoke with us about politics in small cities, and issues he hopes to tackle if he makes it to Frankfort next year.  Before that, Robert talks us through the progress being made on the pension bill and budget, and Jazmin explains two major bills also making their way through the legislature about child marriage and adoption.


Rep. Chris Harris & Jeanie Smith

March 1, 2018

This week, Jazmin and Robert speak with Rep. Chris Harris, who spoke out on the House floor two weeks ago in favor of common sense gun reform.  We spoke to him about the reaction in his eastern Kentucky district, and what it's been like working with urban legislators on this issue.

Then, Robert talks with Jeanie Smith, who is running for State Senate in the 32nd district, which covers all of Warren County.  She's a middle school teacher, and we talked to her about why she's running, and what she thinks about the GOP pension bill making its way through the legislature.


Tina Bojanowski, Pension Bill (finally!) and Special Election Results

February 22, 2018

On this show, Jazmin and Robert speak with Tina Bojanowski, a Democratic candidate for Kentucky House in District 32, in eastern Jefferson County.  She spoke about her passion for special education how she is approaching this very interseting district.


To start the show, Jazmin and Robert speak about the Special Election results in the 49th house district, where Linda Belcher defeated Rebecca Johnson.  They also discuss the new pension bill which was filed on February 20, and Gov. Bevin's lawsuit countersuit against Medicaid recipients.


Kelly Smith, Tort Reform Part II and Bill Update

February 15, 2018

Today on the show we feature an interview with Kelly Smith, a Democrat running for House District 89 in Madison, Laurel, and Jackson counties.  She talked really passionately about her progressive campaign that is taking on a tough district!

Before that, Jazmin updates us about Sen. Alvarado's new tort reform bills, and how they compliment his efforts from last year, which were thrown out in district court (but are still under appeal).  Then, Robert updates us about two bills that are making their way through the legislature.


Denise Gray & News

February 8, 2018

The second half of this show is an interview with Denise Gray, a Democratic candidate for the 28th Senate District in Clark, Fayette, and Montgomery counties.  We talked about why she's running and what she hopes to accomplish in Frankfort.  She talked at length about her experience as an educator and what she will bring to the job of legislating.

Before that, Jazmin and Robert talk a bit about the primary election -- the filing deadline was last week, and KREF updated the fundraising database last week as well.  We talked about what we learned with that data, and also update about the pace of legislation in the general assembly.  Then, we update some very old news stories with recent updates: an update about the adoption czar and about Matt Bevin's house.  Enjoy the show!


Stefanie Kingsley

January 31, 2018

This week, we have an interview with Stefanie Kingsley, the only Democratic candidate for the House seat in District 82, which encompasses all of Whitley County and part of Laurel County in southeastern Kentucky.  We discussed why Ms. Kingsley decided to get into the race, and what she hopes to accomplish if she gets elected.  Plus, we talk about the long-term Republican history of this part of the state, and what Ms. Kinglsey will do to try to get this area to elect a Democrat.  Jazmin and Robert were both busy this week, so they recorded this interview last week.  The content train must remain on track! 


Josie Raymond, Beshear Sues Opioid Distributors & A Medicaid Lawsuit

January 25, 2018

On today's pod, Jazmin and Robert speak with Josie Raymond, a candidate for Kentucky's 31st House District (in Metro Louisville).  She spoke to us about why she's running, what running for office is like as a mother of young children, and the importance of legislators to organize their communities.

Before that, Jazmin and Robert talk about Andy Beshear's new lawsuit suing opioid distributors for flooding Kentucky with pills, a different lawsuit against the Trump administration about Kentucky's Medicaid waiver, and the school shooting tragedy in Marshall County.


Josh Mers & Marsy’s Law

January 18, 2018

This podcast features an interview with Josh Mers, a candidate for Kentucky House District 88.  Our conversation with him begins around 24:30.  Before that, Jazmin and Robert talk through the Trump administration's approval of the Medicaid waiver, the Governor's budget address and request, and then Jazmin talks us through "Marsy's Law" and her issues with the legislation.


The “Do Nothing Week”, Jeff Hoover Drama, and Democratic House Retirements

January 11, 2018

This week, Jazmin and Robert attempt to do an update of the bills that are making their way through the legislature (there aren't very many), and update us all regarding the ongoing saga of Jeff Hoover, who resigned his Speakership fully this week.  Then, the duo talks about the nine (!) Democratic House members retiring this year.