Juvenile Justice and Governor Bevin’s Sermon at Western Middle School

June 8, 2017

Robert is gone, so Jazmin and her fellow attorney friend Yvette DeLaGuardia talk about juvenile justice issues and Governor Bevin's meeting in the West End of Louisville. Plus, as always, quick hits.


Ethics Complaint Against Matt Bevin, Unions sue over Right To Work Law, and Medical Malpractice Boards

June 1, 2017

Jazmin and Robert talk about three subjects today: Common Cause Kentucky's ethics complaint about Governor Matt Bevin's house, the Teamsters and AFL-CIO's lawsuit over the new Kentucky Right To Work law, and how the new medical malpractice boards are being set up and what they can do.  Of course, there are also QUICK HITS.


Healthcare featuring Dustin Pugel and Cara Stewart

May 24, 2017

This episode is a wide-ranging discussion of healthcare in Kentucky.  Jazmin and Robert are joined by two of the best minds working on this issue in the state: Dustin Pugel of the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy, and Cara Stewart of Kentucky Equal Justice Center.  The group discusses the impact of the Affordable Care Act on the state, the Bevin administration's Medicaid waiver, the Affordable Health Care Act (GOP legislation in the US Congress currently) and many other healthcare related topics.  If you are interested in the issue of healthcare in the state of Kentucky, do not miss this show!


Yum Center Update, Adoption Czar/Tsar, & Tax Revenue Shortfall

May 18, 2017

Robert and Jazmin join forces again this week to talk about three topics plus QUICK HITS.  They discussed:

  • Scott Cox (Louisville Arena Authority Chair) is upset there isn't a refinancing deal for the Yum Center in place
  • Gov. Matt Bevin has hired an adoption czar/tsar from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for the price of $240,000, &
  • The state is forecasting a tax revenue shortfall!  What happens next?  (Nothing good)

Robert was fighting back sickness during the show, and is extra salty, so this one is entertaining for sure.  Listen up!


Rep. Joni Jenkins

May 9, 2017

Representative Joni Jenkins joins Jazmin and Robert this week!  She's represented the southwest corner of Jefferson County in the House of Representatives since 1995.  On the show, she discusses:

  • How the change in control of the legislature affects how she does her job
  • Her role as a mentor to junior Democratic legislators
  • Her cosponsorship of HB 330, the Yum Center refinancing law
  • Her role as co-chair of the House's Adoption Work Group

And some other stuff!  Rep. Jenkins is great.  We are so glad she joined us this week.


Braidy Industries Come To Greenup Co & Drama in Pikeville

May 3, 2017

We definitely struggled with audio quality this week, but we think we made up for it with the quality of our content this week!  First, Andrew Adkins joins Jazmin and Robert to talk about the new aluminum rolling plant coming to South Short in Greenup County.  The three of us discuss the issues around economics, labor unions, and tax incentives tied up in the project.  Then, Jazmin brings us all up to date with the drama in Pikeville over the weekend: both Nazis and anti-fascists came to town to yell at each other.  Then, as always, QUICK HITS.


Industrial Hemp and Federal Courts

April 27, 2017

Today's show covers two topics: Robert talks about the history of hemp in Kentucky and the current industrial hemp program, and Jazmin explains how federal courts work in Kentucky.  Plus, as always, QUICK HITS.


Bernie Sanders/Tom Perez Visit, The Judicial Branch, & Better Know Your Governor

April 20, 2017

Jazmin and Robert are joined by Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons this week to discuss Bernie Sanders & Tom Perez's visit to Louisville.  Then, Jazmin explains the Kentucky judicial branch.  Finally, Robert gets us up to speed about where the Governor lives and why that's important.  Plus, as always, QUICK HITS.


Tax Reform Discussion featuring KCEP and Dawn Howard

April 13, 2017

This is a really special episode!  MOKP features Dawn Howard of JDawn Consulting sitting in for Jazmin plus Anna Baumann and Pam Thomas of the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy.  We discussed:

  • What a tax reform proposal from the Governor might look like during a special session this year
  • What conservative tax reform has looked like in other states that have implemented it recently
  • What progressive tax reform would look like
  • and, as a bonus, we talked about the Local Option Sales Tax

It was a great show!  We hope you enjoy it.

Dawn's a tax consultant, and if you have tax needs, you can check out her small buisness here: https://www.facebook.com/JDawnConsulting/


Bevin’s War Against Abortion, and Session Wrap Up

April 6, 2017

In this episode, Jazmin brings us a look at the Bevin administration's war on abortion -- starting with candidate Bevin and his promises, and continuing on through news from just last week, she takes a holistic look at the Governor's fight against the procedure.  Then, Robert wraps up the legislative session.  The legislature is adjourned sine die, which means that the session is really, and truly, over.  For real this time.  Then, of course, there are quick hits.