Joe Sonka & Answers In Genesis

August 9, 2017

Joe Sonka of Insider Louisville joins Robert and Jazmin this week to talk about the history of the Creation Museum and the Ark Experience, two attractions managed by Answers in Genesis in Northern Kentucky.  The group discusses what the attractions are, what the group believes, and how they interact with public policy in Kentucky


Gov. Bevin’s House Gets Inspected, Gov. Bevin gets sued, and the Curious Case of Eric C. Conn

August 3, 2017

This week on My Old Kentucky Podcast, Jazmin and Robert talk about Governor Bevin's house inspection by the Jefferson County Board of Assessment Adjustment, and the media circus that ensued.  Then, they talk about a suit from the ACLU against Governor Bevin, which seeks to unblock all the people has blocked on social media.  Finally, Robert brings us up to date with a wild story out of Eastern Kentucky about a Social Security lawyer who is on the lam after pleading guilty to a $550 million social security fraud.


Sen. Julian Carroll, Kim Davis, Yum Center, Operation Save America, & Executive Branch Ethics

July 26, 2017

Jazmin and Robert discuss five topics in this jam packed show.  They include:

  • Blockbuster allegations about former Governor and current State Senator Julian Carroll regarding an alleged sexual assault.
  • Kim Davis's actions will cost Kentucky taxpayers $220,000
  • The University of Louisville has agreed to pay more for it's lease of the Yum Center
  • Operation Save America invades Louisville, and
  • The Executive Branch Ethics Commission dismissing both complaints against Governor Bevin.

Kentucky Initiative, Budget Shortfall, Ethics Commission, and new UofL violations

July 20, 2017

Jazmin is gone this week, but in her stead Robert talks to Ethan Epping and Carmen Mitchell.  Ms. Mitchell talks to us at length about the KY Initiative, which seeks to recruit Kentucky Democrats to run for seats in the Kentucky House of Representatives.  Then, the gang talks about the measures taken to fill the budget shortfall, and the potential upcoming special session about taxes, as well as the newest member of the Executive Branch Ethics Commission and that commissions's rulings regarding Attornies General and Governors, and we wrap by talking about SACS' new investigations into potential violations by the University of Louisville.  And, as always, QUICK HITS.


Medicaid Waiver Update, Alison Lundergan Grimes v. Donald Trump, 6th Congressional District Update, & Bernie in Covington

July 15, 2017

** UPDATE ** This episode originally posted with the last several minutes cut out.  This is the full episode.


In this, the first episode featuring Jazmin and Robert bringing the news in a while, there are FOUR topics discussed!

  • First, some big changes to the Medicaid Waiver from the Bevin administration
  • Second, Alison Lundergan Grimes versus Donald Trump
  • Third, an update about the Democrats who are running and might be running for the 6th Congressional District, and
  • Fourth, Robert interviews Brandon Mims about Senator Sanders' visit to Covington on Sunday.



Senator Whitney Westerfield Talks Criminal Justice

July 5, 2017

Republican KY Senator Whitney Westerfield (Hopkinsville) talks with Jazmin and Robert about criminal justice on this episode.  They talk about:

  • SB 120, a law sponsored by Sen. Westerfield that passed in a paired down fashion this year.  Sen Westerfield walks us through the process of why and how the bill was passed, and why some of the more ambitious pieces were removed from the final bill.
  • HB 333, a law passed in the most recent session that increased penalties on fentanyl trafficking.  The group talked about the interplay between this law and HB 463 from 2011, which steered nonviolent offenders towards treatment instead of incarceration.
  • SB 200 from 2014, which Sen. Westerfield sponsored and which made significant changes to the juvenile justice system, including mandatory diversion programs for first-time misdemeanor offenders.  Sen. Westerfield talks to us about the bipartisan nature with which the bill was created, and how it has changed the justice system in Kentucky.



California’s Travel Ban

June 30, 2017

Robert is out this week, but Jazmin brings us all the news we need about California's travel ban, preventing their state workers from going to Kentucky.


Reverend Joe Phelps

June 22, 2017

Jazmin is out this week, so this week Robert sits down with Reverend Joe Phelps of Highland Baptist Church to talk about the recent sequence of events between Governor Bevin and members of the clergy group EmpowerWest.  Robert and Rev. Phelps also have a broad discussion about faith, politics, and touch a bit on Rev. Phelps' situation as a white pastor in the midst of EmpowerWest, which is a group greatly concerned with racial justice.

Robert also gives us some quick hits about the UofL Foundation, lawsuits between Matt Bevin and Andy Beshear, a potential medical marijuana bill, the possible return of the "War on Louisville" and other things.  I hope you enjoy the show!


Representative McKenzie Cantrell

June 15, 2017

In this episode of My Old Kentucky Podcast, Jazmin and Robert talk with Representative McKenzie Cantrell.  Topics discussed include:

  • Why she decided to run for office
  • What the last session was like, from the perspective of a freshman legislator
  • Her controversial vote for HB 14 (the Blue Lives Matter law) in committee, and why she switched her vote on the floor of the House
  • Her work with the Kentucky Equal Justice Center

A big thank you to Rep. Cantrell for recording our show!


Juvenile Justice and Governor Bevin’s Sermon at Western Middle School

June 8, 2017

Robert is gone, so Jazmin and her fellow attorney friend Yvette DeLaGuardia talk about juvenile justice issues and Governor Bevin's meeting in the West End of Louisville. Plus, as always, quick hits.