My Old Kentucky Podcast

The Worst COVID Week Yet, Plus Pam Dossett Interview

July 22, 2020

This week Jazmin and Robert dig into the two big stories of the summer, COVID-19 and the ongoing protest movement.  It was the worst week yet for COVID-19 cases, and it only looks to get worse.  We detail exactly what Andy Beshear's administration is doing about it.  We also cover the ongoing protest movement and some details of a police union event last weekend.


Pam Dossett joined us for an interview.  She's the Democrat running in the 8th District in Hopkinsville.  We discussed the unique demographics of Hopkinsville, including how she would work to ensure the significant Black population in her district would be served. Ms. Dossett is also a teachers, so we discussed what education issues she would like to impact if she's elected to serve in Frankfort.

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