My Old Kentucky Podcast

Rep. Patti Minter, Fundraising Reports, Election Lawsuits, & Medicaid Oral Arguments

October 16, 2019

This week, Rep. Patti Minter of Bowling Green joined us to talk about her service in the legislature.  She told us about how she won while running a progressive campaign outside of the two large urban centers in Kentucky, what she did upon arriving in Frankfort, and how she plans to continue serving into the future.  We also asked her about her favorite sets at Bonnaroo, which she has attended for several years in a row.

Jazmin and Robert talked about fundraising on the state level (where 30 day prior reports were due last week) and federal level (where 3rd quarter reports were due), two different election lawsuits -- one involving Daniel Cameron and the other involving the "inactive voters" list, and oral arguments in the Trump administration's appeal of the case overturning Kentucky's Medicaid waiver.  Plus more!

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