My Old Kentucky Podcast

Rep. Lisa Willner, Gov. Bevin Says He’s Got The Votes, and Metro Council Budget Cuts

June 25, 2019

This week on the podcast, we welcomed Rep. Lisa Willner of Louisville.  She talked to us about her first legislative session, and spoke in depth about each of the four bills on which she was the chief sponsor.  We also talked about bring her experience as a psychologist to Frankfort and the impact her expertise has on the policy making process.

Jazmin and Robert updated two of the major stories we've been tracking this summer: the budget cuts in Louisville and the probability of a special session.  Gov. Bevin says he now has the votes for his quasis bill, and Metro Council in Louisville has released their version of the budget cuts (between recording and publication, the council did approve the cuts proposed by their budget committee).  And as always, we have QUICK HITS.

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