My Old Kentucky Podcast

Rep. Cherlynn Stevenson, Connecting Abortion and Race, Bevin’s Veto, Edelen and Marijuana, And More!

April 10, 2019

This week, Tish Buckner fills in for Jazmin (get well soon, J!).  Robert and she discuss two court cases that were decided by the sixth circuit this week, and Tish talks about the connections between race and abortion rights, and how misguided some are in trying to recruit African Americans to the anti-abortion movement.  Tish and Robert also talk about Adam Edelen's new push to decriminalize marijuana, and Matt Bevin's veto of the "quasis" pension bill, which will probably lead to a special session.  Plus, plenty of quick hits!

Rep. Cherlynn Stevenson is our guest this week, and we talked to her about living through a tight election night, how she plans to tackle her reelection effort, and her first legislative session.  Rep. Stevenson was one of our first guests and we were very glad to welcome her back to the show! 

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