My Old Kentucky Podcast

Matt Jones Interview, Matt Bevin & the State Airplane, 60 Day Fundraising, Daniel Cameron Ballot Challenge + More

September 18, 2019

This week we spoke with Kentucky Sports Radio founder and potential U.S. Senate candidate Matt Jones!  Mr. Jones is a well known Kentuckian who both Robert and Jazmin have been reading and listening to for years.  He spoke about what he is currently thinking regarding his candidacy, what it would be like to serve in D.C., and what he thinks about Democrats in Kentucky, among much more.

Jazmin also explained the situation regarding Matt Bevin and his use of the state airplane, which the Courier-Journal has reported about extensively this past week.  Sixty Day Prior fundraising reports were due this week, and Robert broke down who raised what and how much money was spent.  Jazmin also talked through a ballot challenge to Daniel Cameron's Attorney General candidacy, and Robert went over the Kentucky Democratic Party's suit against the Kentucky board of election, which has moved more than 160,000 voters to "inactive" status.

(We apologize about the audio quality this week.  We fixed our mics around the 17:20 mark, but had recorded the interview and the first few sections of the show with a bad setting.)

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