My Old Kentucky Podcast

Amye Bensenhaver, Robert’s Family & Abortion, Medical Marijuana, + Passport

March 13, 2019

It's Sunshine Week! This week we celebrate open records acts, so we welcomed Amye Bensenhaver, one of the foremost authorities on open records and open meetings laws in Kentucky.  We discussed the history of Kentucky's law, the changes being proposed to it, and who have been the champions of open government over the years.

Before that, Robert shared why his was gone last week -- it's a tragic story which ended with the termination of his wife's pregnancy at 20 weeks.  In the midst of the tragedy, state law almost got in the way.  Jazmin shared about medical marijuana, and Robert talked in great depth about why Passport has been in the news recently.  Finally, we updated all the goings on in the legislature during Quick Hits.

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