My Old Kentucky Podcast

Sheri Donahue, Fancy Farm Wrap Up, Blackjewel Update, and Moscow Mitch

August 7, 2019

This week, the Democratic nominee for Auditor, Sheri Donahue joined our show.  She spoke at length about using the Auditor's office to deal with cybersecurity issue facing our state's election infrastructure, as well as why she decided to get into politics in the first place.  Ms. Donahue had plenty to say, and we are excited to share her vision with you.

Fancy Farm was last week.  We have a full wrap up, including which zingers we liked and which jokes fell flat.  Jazmin updated the Blackjewel mining story, telling us what's going on with the bankruptcy case, and we also talked about the KDP's response to Mitch McConnell's new least favorite nickname, "Moscow Mitch"

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