My Old Kentucky Podcast

Local Governments featuring Wesley Bolin & Emily LaDouceur, Special Session Dates, US Senate Update, and Sanctuary Cities

July 17, 2019

This week, we spoke with two city council members from different parts of the state: Emily LaDouceur from Berea and Wesley Bolin from Murray.  They spoke about the challenges of managing their elected office while maintaining a career, being taken seriously as a younger person in politics, using social media, and lots more.  It was a great conversation -- if you have ever thought about running for city council in your town, you definitely should listen!

We also talked about plenty of news: the "quasis" special session officially has a date, so we talked about that and also went over the Democratic plan for dealing with the issue (we've talked about the GOP plan at length).  We also talked about plenty of speculation around the Democratic side on next year's U.S. Senate election, where it appears like Amy McGrath will fail to clear the field.  We also addressed Matt Bevin's new focus on sanctuary cities, which we decide is probably an attempt to nationalize the Governor's race.  Plus, as always, QUICK HITS.

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