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COVID-19 Gets Worse, Sgt. Mattingly Speaks, and Jason Stroude Interview

October 21, 2020

This week Jazmin updated several parts of the Breonna Taylor story, including a resolution in the attempts to allow Grand Jurors to speak, the status of protestors' legal situation, and a media interview with Sgt. Mattingly, one of the police officers involved in Breonna Taylor's killing.  Robert gave an update about COVID-19, which is worse now than it's ever been, and it looks like it's getting even worse.

Our interview this week was with Jason Stroude, the Democrat in Senate District 17, who is taking on Damon Thayer.  He's a union member and a butcher, and hopes to bring a fresh perspective to Frankfort.  He's one of a set of new Democrats running in districts that include parts of Northern Kentucky, and talked to us about what he will do in Frankfort and how it differs from Damon Thayer's agenda.

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