My Old Kentucky Podcast

Charles Booker Interview, Board of Education Questions and Answers, and Michael Adam’s Priorities

November 27, 2019

This week, we welcomed Rep. Charles Booker back to the show for the third time.  He spoke to us about his exploratory committee looking at running for the U.S. Senate -- why he's thinking about running, what he believes to be a path to victory, and what issues he is hearing are the most important to Kentuckians.

Jazmin and Robert also discussed Andy Beshear's promise to appoint an all-new board of education -- what is legal and not, and what might happen if he tries to completely replace the state's board of education. In addition, Jazmin details Secretary of State-elect Michael Adams' priorities, and how they are quite different from how the Secretary of State's office is run now.  Lastly, Robert explained a Republican plan to change the Governor's relationship to the Transportation Cabinet, and how this move is similar and different from attempts to change Gubernatorial powers in other states.

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